Tips to return to a healthy diet after the holidays


In summer it is easy to skip the usual diet and commit certain excesses, both in quantity and food that we do not usually eat the rest of the year. This, coupled with the changes in mealtimes, is a major mismatch in the diet that costs a lot to erase at a stroke. Take note of the tips that will help you easily recover your healthy diet after the holidays.

Plan your menus

Avoid improvising and eating the first thing you eat because you will surely end up eating things you shouldn’t. Planning the weekly menus is the best way to see if you are going to eat enough different foods such as fruit, fish, legumes … throughout the week. It also helps you make the purchase with the ingredients you really need to make your dishes, this saves money and time to think about what to do every day, all are advantages.

Set a schedule

Once you have clear your weekly menu with the foods you want to include in your healthy diet, resume your usual schedules by establishing a defined schedule to make your meals that suits your lifestyle. We recommend marking dinner time at least two hours before going to bed to avoid heavy digestion, burning or stomach discomfort that may interfere with sleep and your overall well-being.

Include more vegetables in your diet

After ice cream, visits to the beach bar, canes with friends or family barbecues, you should resume good habits and choose healthy and fresh foods to fill your fridge. Surely the fruit has been present in your summer toppers but you may have been consuming less vegetables than recommended.

Include more vegetables in your diet when you return from vacation to benefit from all its nutrients but also to improve your intestinal transit, maintain a greater feeling of satiety and better control your weight. Think more green!

Cook in a healthy way

The fried and battered are the order of the day in summer, ice cream, snacks, processed…. Leave those heavy elaborations behind and return to cooking food in a healthier way, cooking at low temperature, baked or steamed are the best choice to make your preparations more digestive and feel much better.

The magic formula of a healthy life

Yes, there is a perfect formula for a healthier life and, if you want to return to good habits around the holidays you just have to follow this equation: healthy diet more exercise more rest.

Returning to eating well, exercising regularly and respecting the rest time that the body needs, all at a planned time, you have the best tools to resume a very healthy lifestyle. Welcome Home!