The five truths of the tuna diet


How long has it taken you to gain weight? Usually, several months, even years, so why do you want to lose everything in a week. The so-called miracle diets are dangerous to your health. Today we tell you five things you didn’t know about the famous tuna diet.

1. It is an unbalanced and monotonous diet

It basically consists of taking brown rice and tuna, canned or fresh, both at lunch and dinner. For breakfast an infusion and a piece of fruit, as well as for mid-morning snacks and snacks. For a diet to be correct and can be maintained over time it must be varied and balanced. A balanced diet should have 55% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 30% fat and these proportions are not met in the diet of tuna and rice.

2. You will not lose fat

Overweight and obesity are diseases characterized by excess fat in the body. The key to treating these diseases is to lose fat with proper nutrition and physical exercise. But if instead of losing fat, you lose other components, such as water or muscle mass, we really wouldn’t be getting great benefits.

3. You will lose weight in the first few weeks but it will be more difficult for you to lose weight in the long term

Following the diet of tuna and rice is not losing fat, and if it is lost it is very little. What has really been lost are fluids and muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is very harmful to the body. In addition to the functions that muscles perform in the body, muscle cells have a very active metabolism. So if we lose muscle mass, our basal metabolism decreases, and losing weight is slower and more difficult.

4. It is what is known as a yo-yo diet

With the diet of tuna and rice, you can lose weight quickly, but the rebound effect is great. The moment the diet is abandoned, the weight loss will be recovered quickly.

5. Tuna is low in calories

The truth is that this fish provides proteins, fats, and vitamins of great nutritional value, which makes it one of the best foods to make a diet. Its flavor is spectacular and it is a versatile food that can be prepared in several ways, so you will not get bored with the diet.