The five best scales to measure your body fat


The scales can be our greatest enemies or our greatest and most honest companions. It all depends on a few simple numbers. If what we see reflected in that little gadget is to our liking either because we have finally reached the desired weight or because we are on the right track then the scale is our ally, but on the contrary and if what appears only shows us that we are Worse than we imagine, surely the only thing we want will be to remove it from our sight.

Anyway, having a scale is essential in our home and now the market offers us a wide variety. The truth is that thanks to technology today these devices not only dictate our weight, but also allow us to know parameters such as BMI, body fat, history, add profiles … with all this information you can know in detail how It is your body to help you be fit or to lose weight.

How an intelligent scale works

They are bioimpedance scales to which some connectivity has been incorporated, accompanied by an application that allows to see graphically the parameters and the evolution from a device.

As for connectivity, the usual thing is to have Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth to communicate with tablets and smartphones.

Bioimpedance scales use the electrical properties of the human body, the composition of its tissues and the amount of water present to obtain our fat mass.

While the water present in muscles, bones and blood vessels is a good conductor of electricity, fat is not. With this clear, the scale sends an electrical signal to our body through an input electro and picks it up with an output, measuring the time required to cross it.

Actually, what the scale calculates is our weight and lean mass, whose difference will be the amount of fat mass of a person.

Bioimpedance is a method of approximate and acceptable measurement at the domestic level and amateur sport. To do it well, we must follow some indications such as not having eaten in the previous hours and not having performed intensity sports the previous day.

Featured Models:

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2

The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 It is one of the most affordable and complete smart scales. It allows you to create a profile with your age, sex and weight and exercise goal, however you do not have an athlete mode that evaluates how your body is in that case. It offers 10 parameters: weight, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolism, BMI, amount of water, visceral fat, percentage of fat, figure and body score.

This scale has 4 electrodes and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is made of ABS with an ultra-thin design of rounded edges to avoid hurting our fingers, with a hidden LED screen. On Amazon for 37.40 euros .


Omron allow you to measure and save your weight values ​​so you can see how you are progressing towards your ideal weight. The Omron BF511 is Omron’s most complete body composition monitor and provides you with a more thorough knowledge of your body and visceral fat, your skeletal muscle level, BMI and your basal metabolism.

The measurements are made with 8 sensors in both hands and feet, which allows a measurement of the entire body. On Amazon for 54.99 euros.

Huawei Smart Scale

Huawei’s smart scale allows you to monitor your health status using your smartphone. The association of the body fat scale with the Huawei Health application allows you to synchronize fitness data with the cloud. From the Huawei Health app, you can easily control body weight and body fat percentage. Unlike a normal weight, this uses a technology that, thanks to the connection with the mobile allows the user to know up to 9 different parameters: their body fat, their muscles, the level of water or proteins.

Other interesting facts that it displays are the amount of minerals in the bones, the percentage of proteins and the water in the body. Data that are capable of offering a complete picture of how exactly we are and what it measures thanks to the biollectric impedance analysis technology. It is a safe technology, although we should not use the Huawei Body Fat Scale in case we carry a pacemaker or some other electronic medical implant in the body. On Amazon for 46.79 euros.

Tanita BC-587

The Tanita BC-587 is an elegant digital scale capable of supporting up to 200kg, which allows the control and analysis of various parameters of body composition, such as fat, muscle mass, index of fat viscera, liquids, and others in a way accurate.

The Tanita BC 587 digital scale is a perfect body analyzer to track the variations of your weight and body composition over time. On Amazon for 106.61 euros.

Nokia Body +

The Nokia Body + is a scale that allows you to consult numerous parameters of your health, both on the scale itself, as on the mobile. It is able to connect to the home WiFi or Bluetooth of your mobile, and even show you the weather information.

The Nokia Body + values ​​weight, body mass index, total body fat, percentage of water, bone and muscle mass.

They can be used by several users: it allows you to record the weight and personal history of up to 8 different users; Nokia Body + automatically recognizes different users. On Amazon for 99.99 euros.