Peak Fitness , the anti-aging workout that works the whole body in 4 minutes


It is a training with high-intensity peaks that in just 4 minutes the whole body works providing great health benefits to the body, in addition to toning and strengthening the muscles in a short time. Want to know more about Peak Fitness training?

It is a technique developed by the renowned fitness expert Phil Campbell, also called Sprint 8 or Peak 8 that promotes fat burning and improves cardiovascular health in less time than with traditional cardio exercises, in addition to helping to extend the youth of the cells.

What are the benefits of Peak Fitness?

There are so many that you will want to sign up for this training yes or yes, and if not now you will see it.

It will help you easily eliminate body fat and amazingly tone your body quickly. You’ll also notice your firmer skin and minimized wrinkles and expression lines, wow!

Being able to achieve your training goals much faster is a very stimulating program that will not make you quickly throw in the towel because you will be seeing results even making an effort to reach them. You will improve performance and have more energy. It also helps raise libido.

Why do Peak Fitness exercises promote longevity?

It is considered an anti-age training because its exercises increase the levels of human growth hormone or HGH which, in addition to being involved in muscle development and fat burning, is also involved in the health and longevity of the body, that is , the higher the level of this hormone, the healthier and stronger you will be.

What happens with this hormone is that over the years its production begins to decline, and to keep the body healthier and younger, it should be increased, which makes this training when working fast and super-fast muscle fibers.

This was confirmed after an eight-week study by Phil Campbell (Peak 8), where they observed that a session could increase 771% of HGH, in addition to the fact that fat burning increased considerably.

In the process of cell aging, cell telomeres are shortening from birth accelerating this evolution factors such as snuff, stress, damage caused by free radicals, trans fats … and it was discovered that high intensity exercises such as Peak Fitness favored a shorter shortening of these telomeres, thus extending the life of the cell, that is, our youth, divine treasure.

What is Peak Fitness training?

And you will say, in 4 minutes I will work the whole body to the point of being able to tone it and burn fat effectively? Seems that if. According to the fitness expert, the training would last 20 minutes, of which time is dedicated to heating, recovering and cooling , so the intense work that is really done would be done in about 4 minutes. Surprising right? Let’s see what it consists of.

The exercises that Campbell usually uses for their workouts are the sprint (not recommended for anyone), the exercise bike or the elliptical . A Peak Fitness routine would be set up like this:

  • 3 minute warm up
  • Perform the exercises as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, you have to do them with such intensity that you feel you can not continue any longer. You will notice your muscles burn and you will be short of breath
  • Recover for 90 seconds
  • Repeat the exercise with high intensity again followed by that recovery phase for 7 more times until completing 8 series

You can gradually increase the level of demand, for example by doing two repetitions at the beginning and adding as you go bottoming out , and combine exercises.

Campbell does not recommend doing this type of training every day , since the body will need more time to recover, and leave it as a high intensity supplement to perform a maximum of 3 days a week combining it with other techniques such as aerobic exercises, stretching or workouts. strength or core.

Also take care of your diet after performing these exercises and restrict the intake of sugar and carbohydrates in the phase of muscle recovery (between 2 and 3 hours after training) to promote the release of human growth hormone. Also remember to drink a lot of water and ensure a good rest for training to have the maximum effect.

Do you dare to give everything in those 4 minutes ? Perhaps we have found the secret of eternal youth.