How to lose weight and speed up metabolism without diets


To accelerate the metabolism and even manage to lose weight in a week, you have to start by knowing the meaning and scope of the concept: basal metabolism. It is the necessary energy, in calories, that the body needs to maintain its vital organic functions (breathing, digestion, thinking …) naturally. Knowing it is essential to adapt food and sports to personal needs and goals.

Do I have a slow metabolism?

Dark circles, permanent bags in the eyes, swelling in the hands and feet and overweight are some of the symptoms that indicate that the metabolism is stagnant, according to Dr. María Concepción Vidales, author of ‘Activate your metabolism to change your life’.

Other signs are constipation, gas, burning or abdominal pain. On the skin, acne problems and spots are another indicator of slow metabolism, as well as migraines and difficulties in falling asleep.

Although it is true that the metabolism is genetically encoded, there are factors that influence it that we can take into account to activate it and that have to do, above all, with food and exercise.

Foods that speed up metabolism

Foods that help regulate habits and provide substances that activate metabolism are pineapple, parsley, coconut water, kefir, granny smith apple, chicken and egg, among others, although the choice of food more appropriate depends on whether the cause of a slow metabolism is of hormonal, digestive or inflammatory origin.

The moisture also helps to speed up metabolism and include in your daily green tea and lemon juice.

Other useful foods are the so-called thermogenic and that when ingested trigger a heat reaction in the body and increase the basal metabolism during digestion. Some of them have compounds such as capsaicin, ephedrine or caffeine that facilitate the breakdown of fat and reduce blood triglyceride levels.

Rest and regularity

Good eating habits are essential. One of the ones that most affects metabolism is having a good breakfast every day .

On the other side of the balance would be all those things that slow down the metabolism, such as skipping meals, drinking alcohol frequently, eliminating all fats (including healthy ones) and often consuming “diet” products.

Exercise, ally to activate the metabolism

Training strength, trying HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercises, limiting low intensity and long duration cardio and maintaining regular physical activity are some of the training guidelines that can help speed up metabolism and improve fat burning .