Firm buttocks : we know the (fair) number of stairs you must climb to achieve it


It’s true, we want it all for the summer! Positions to ask, within our list of duties (desires, aspirations and various purposes) sneak in: defined arms, flat and marked abdomen , that dissipates cellulite of our thighs (at least most), that the cartridges by magic and that our ass is toned until it resists the law of gravity alone. But nothing small, stereotypes have dissipated and we no longer look for a sneaky and small rearguard, but round buttocks worthy of every fit girl who boasts, framed in a healthy, strong and toned body in the purest Krissy Cela style.

If your goal is the same as ours, then you are in luck, because we have found the best exercise to achieve this purpose and to your surprise … they are not squats!

The king exercise to harden the buttocks has left a tough competitor more everyday, which keeps you fit and is that easy to incorporate into your daily routine: up and down stairs . Although sometimes we are not aware, leaving the elevator aside and facing the steps of a building or an urban space, we will be doing an aerobic exercise with great contributions to health and figure .

On the one hand, it will help you to burn fat, reduce the probability of suffering cardiovascular problems, regulate cholesterol and benefit your cardiorespiratory health . In addition, the lower body of your body will be fully toned by activating both the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

And now is when the million dollar question comes, how many stairs should I go up and down to start seeing the results?

Well, the Health Coach Loana Lorrazábal recently revealed that for a person whose daily physical activity is little or no, the most advisable thing would be to go up and down a minimum of 200 steps (approximately, three floors a day). Of course, everything has to be done progressively, increasing the number of floors and increasing the intensity, as well as the number of times you repeat them daily. As you develop greater resistance, you can reach the goal: at least one hour a day , for three days a week. In case you don’t feel like wandering around the building, a small bank, a step or a stepper will allow you to do it comfortably at home.

Finally, it should be noted that beyond purely aesthetic purposes, having strong buttocks will help you stabilize the pelvis, maintain a correct body posture , influences our movement and gives us greater ease and agility when making movements that involve the lower train With that, we will avoid injuries and more than an uncomfortable back pain. Do you need more reasons to start training right away? Look, if even Victoria’s Secret models practice it, it will be for something!