Sarah-Pixel-StepsHello, I am Sarah!

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I left college with big ideas of earning pots of money doing something creative, but instead ended up sliding into a career that took me into the structured world of global corporations. During this time I was a Trainer, Risk Manager and Project Manager, managing global projects.

I had a varied and very well paid career, but, for me at least, very unfulfilling. Although it wasn’t setting my world on fire, this gave me a good grounding for what I am now doing, so was , in my opinion, time well spent  :-)

In the years since I took the plunge and ventured into the world of self employment, I have been a professional photographer, opened a successful wedding printables shop on Etsy, and built my own website selling invitation templates.

During the years since I have been working for myself, I have learned loads about photography; selling fine art prints and taking photos of products that sell. I also have studied hard to understand how to build a business that gets customers through it’s virtual doors.

What can I do for you?

This website is my way of sharing what I have learnt over the last 10 years with others.

I want to help others that are stuck in jobs that are not fulfilling their creative side. To help them find their way into the empowering world of business start ups.

You may be just about to dip your toe in, whilst holding down a day job, or you may have already taken the plunge and just need some help. But wherever you are on that journey, you will find that you just can’t do it all yourself. At some stage you will need to take a step back and look at what areas you can get help with.

If I can help you to make your website look more professional with my stock images , to take better photos with my photography tips or help you get your business found in the daunting web world, I will be happy :-)


And some things you may like to know about me…

🐶  I am a total dog person. I have a gorgeous and feisty little Westie myself, but love ALL dogs, especially really scruffy little ones!
☕️  #TeaTeaTea. I NEED buckets of tea to function…and more tea to relax…
🎖   I grew up as a “Military brat” and by the time I was eleven, I had moved country four times. My Dad was away a LOT, but we did have a big extended family and we all pulled together when the Dads were away and we had a lot of fun!
🍹  I lived on small Greek island for 6 years living a “party life” and although I loved the people, food and sunshine, it made me really appreciate home. Although I still love to travel on holiday, my heart is firmly set back home and I am staying put for a long while!
🌱   I am TOTALLY nuts about gardening, I can be found weeding in my PJs at midday because I got sucked in whilst “just having a quick morning cuppa”. I have a large Garden and an allotment and I love cooking meals with what I have grown, they just taste soooo much better.

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